5 Essential Pointers for Building Funnels for Business

When it comes to promoting any business on the Internet, the most crucial part is the funnel, and building funnels for business is an art. Now, depending upon the type of business, the nuances may vary, but following are 5 great tips for getting started.

Also remember that this is a highly paid skill, so if you’re good at building funnels for businesses, you may have a lot of takers in the market. Once you build a kickass funnel, and help a business generate loads of revenues through the same, you’re gonna’ be in high demand for sure.

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  • Choosing a Catchy Template or Creating One from Scratch

If you don’t use a professional-looking and industry-specific template, then rest of your hard work may go in vain. As they say, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, just look for popular templates in the industry 

Bonus Tip: Use spy tools like Adpsy to spy the existing landing pages, which are running FB ads profitably and take inspiration from them (DON’T copy/rip them as is – tailor them as per your business/product/service for which you’re building the funnel)

  • CTA (Call to Action Button) Placement

It’s mission critical to place the CTA buttons at least 3-4 times throughout your funnel, so that it can compel users to click through/take action, rather than simply scrolling through the page.

A good example of a BUY NOW button is this GIF image

Don’t be afraid of using BOLD CTA buttons, because the one that you see here, is bound to improve your CTR by at least 1-2%

  • Creating Order Bumps

When you’re promoting a specific product/service, it’s also a good idea to choose 1-2 related products and cross-promote/upsell them to your visitors, but it’s always important to choose relevant bundles.

For example, an ecom sales funnel selling lipstick, can create an order bump 1 with lip balm, order bump 2 with mascara, order bump 3 with any other relevant cosmetic product.

Of course, you must not include too many bumps and confuse your customers, which in turn, can have a negative impact on your funnel’s output.

  • Creating a Compelling Desire for Customers

The core of building a sales funnel for business lies in your ability to creating a burning desire in your customers, and that can be achieved by listing all the benefits of the product/service that you’re offering, in a structured way.

Bulleted lists seem to always work like a charm. Adding bonuses for the potential buyers or other discount offers may also be a part of the strategy.

Likewise, giving lifetime access or complementary product/services usually add up to the cause. 

Lastly, it’s always important to make sure that you set the expectations straight, otherwise by promising unrealistic things in your sales pitch, you might be able to attract more customers, but then you’ll also have to deal with refunds.

  • Testimonials 

Additional testimonials of your satisfied customers usually helps in adding the trust factor. Video testimonials seem to do the best, but it’s also okay to have text with photograph of the customer/product 

In a Nutshell

So, to summarize the 5 essential pointers discussed in this article about building a sales funnel for business, there’s no rocket science involved per say… However, it’s crucial to get the basics right, and then build a funnel by taking inspiration from the ones that are top-performing in your industry at the moment. 

Adding a countdown timer creates a sense of urgency, and compels users to take action.

Also using words like last x pieces/seats remaining also compels them to take an instant action.

If you feel, we’ve missed out any other important pointer, feel free to comment, and share them with us.

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