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Over 5 Billion user have access to the internet, and about 3.2 Billion of them are active social media users the digital marketing industry in India alone stands at about 5 billion dollars, and growing at a brisk pace but on the other hand, youth in tier 2, 3 & 4 cities of India are still struggling to make $10/day as a matter of fact, $300/month translates to over Rs 25,000/month, which is considered a respectable salary across most IT companies in the country.


Shockingly, only 10% of Indians earn over 25k/month & we intend to transform the lives of the remaining 90% who are still struggling to get to that 25k/month mark Max of 25% graduates get hired & number of studies suggest that the total count of unemployed people in the country today could be 40-45 million.


But the true extent of unemployment is not captured even by these numbers, because they do not account for the large number of people in disguised unemployment, that is, working below their potential. This is especially true if one considers India’s level of economic development and lack of social security benefits, which means that relatively few people can afford to stay unemployed.

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